About Us

About Us

A little bit About Us

Hey, My name is Bob.  Here is a little bit about us.  I have been a dog owner for many years, in fact its been over 30.  Recently my family found out that our 9 year old(almost 10) German Shepherd was sick with cancer.  Her illness came on pretty suddenly. 

At first we thought that she had a disease called Cushing’s because she had many of the same symptoms.  She was drinking excessively, had a large pot belly, was having trouble sleeping at night and the list goes on.  On the second visit to the vet we had some Xrays taken.  She had cancer all over her lungs and in her chest cavity.  Sadly we only spent a few more days with her after finding out she was inoperable.

About us - Keko
Keko – Our Recently Decease Friend.

Doing what is right isn’t always easy

Having to make the decision to put her to rest was one of the toughest choices we had during the 9 years we spent with her. In the end it was the right decision.  We found out that she was on the verge of having internal bleeding from the tumors.  Our dog was our friend and the protector of my entire family.  She was also great with our three children. If you’re a pet owner I am sure you can imagine the grief my family experienced.

The decision to get another dog

This was the first time in over 20 years where my wife and I were without a dog.  The house was too quiet at night without our large dog freely walking around.  After a brief discussion we decided to get another German Shepherd. The choice wasn’t tough since our past GSD was such a wonderful friend.  We ended up taking a road trip to upstate NY to get our new puppy.  We named her after a weed that grows all over the back yard – Clove.  You can see more of clove on my Tiktok or Instagram.

Clove the GSD

More About Me

I have about 7 years experience with raw feeding for both small and large breed dogs.  Clove is the third dog that I have fed a raw diet.  She is also the first puppy that I am raw feeding. Clove is fed was called the BARF diet.  I think the name has changed over the past few years but the concept is still the same.  If you want more information raw feeding, check out my post raw dog food for beginners.

There are two kinds of raw feeding, ground and unground. Both methods seem to have advantages and disadvantages.  Currently, I am using the grinding method since Clove is still a puppy. In the past I used a less expensive grinder but it did not last all that long.  Right now I use a Weston grinder for all my pet food creations. I am also considering making the leap to raw feeding for my cats. One of my cats already tries to eat Clove’s food at any opportunity he gets.

The Idea behind this website

My goal is to make this a place where readers can get more information about the BARF diet and Raw Feeding.  I know when I first started with the BARF diet, it was hard to find good information all in one place.  Even these past few weeks I struggled to find info on raw feeding a puppy.   Everything I am writing about comes from countless hours of research and real world experience.   As such, these are my opinions coupled with some facts I found along the way.    As the story of dude and a dog progresses I will be adding more topics.  Please check out my socials and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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